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  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Townhall meetings will explore a core future topic for the DRS see more

    DRS Town Hall Meetings

    The DRS Executive Board is hosting Town Hall meetings in early 2021. Each meeting will explore a core topic for the DRS: PhD research, future conferences, design research leadership, publishing, and DRS Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The Town Halls are an opportunity to get to know the new DRS leadership, meet other members, and get involved with the Society. You might also boost your design research know-how in the process! All events are free and also open to non-members, but registration is required.


    Upcoming Town Hall Meetings:

    Special Interest Groups of the DRS: A User Guide
    30 April, 12:00-14:00 (UK Time)

    Register for this Event


    Fostering Worldwide International Collaborations
    21st May, 15:00-17:00 (UK Time)

    Register for this Event


    Previous Town Hall Meetings:

    Next Generations: Connecting the DRS PhD Research Community 
    14 January 
    Further Information

    Designing DRS Conferences of the Future
    28 January

    Further Information

    Developing a Design Research Leadership Pipeline
    11 February
    Further Information

    Publishing Design Research within the Society and Beyond
    26 February
    Further Information

    It's Always 5 O'Clock Somewhere: International DRS Virtual Coffee Break
    29 March, multiple time zones

    Further Information


     December 22, 2020
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Teaching resources from PedSIG and The Open University Design Group see more

    Distance Design Education Resources

    The DRS Special Interest Group in Design Pedagogy (PedSIG) is working with colleagues and institutions to support design educators continuing to move to distance and online teaching in response to the events of 2020 and the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This transition to distance education is a particular challenge for design educators, since design curriculum often relies heavily on physical and proximate teaching and learning, particularly in the studio.

    PedSIG, in collaboration with The Open University Design Group, have developed shared teaching resources available on the Distance Design Education website. The site features recipes, articles and resources about teaching, learning, staying connected and collaborating at a distance. It includes all the recordings from the series of Distance Design Education Meetups, where colleagues from around the world share their experiences and practices.

    You will also find the open education resource Creating Distance Design Courses, which outlines some of the approaches and ideas used at The Open University in the UK.

    In 2021, the site aims to continue support and is keen to hear from colleagues with suggestions of what would be most useful in supporting educators.

    If you want to contribute material or take part in future events, then please get involved or stay in touch. Over the past year the community has learned from one another regardless of knowledge or experience: everyone has had something valuable to share.

    As always, best wishes from the DRS—stay healthy and safe.

     March 17, 2020
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Exploring how design can drive innovation in policy and governance see more

    Introducing the New Design for Policy and Governance Special Interest Group

    We’re very pleased to announce a new DRS Special Interest Group (SIG)—Design for Policy and Governance (PoGoSIG). The group will bring together researchers, designers, and academics to explore how design can drive innovation in policy and governance. The group is led by convenor Scott Schmidt along with organising committee members Rachel Cooper, Michelle Douglas, Leigh-Anne Hepburn, and Louise Mullagh.

    Scott explains what inspired the SIG: “Recent global events such as the mass pandemic has led to calls for greater innovation in the interface between governments and their public. Design for Policy and Governance, a potential solution, is the process of systematically developing effective human-centered policies based on a combination of collaborative approaches, evidence-based criteria, and novel concepts while leveraging design-driven research methods.”

    PoGoSIG will be an engaging and informative resource for anyone interested in the intersections of design and policy, hosting discussions and events, developing new research materials, and collecting and sharing relevant information on the topic. Read more about this group and their mission on the PoGoSIG page and contact the SIG leadership team to get involved!

    The DRS has 12 SIGs including PoGoSIG. See the full list here. Members can join a SIG or start a new SIG by sending a proposal to the DRS Executive Board.

     December 17, 2020
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Open-access hub for all things design research see more

    Launch of the New DRS Digital Library

    We are very proud to present the new DRS Digital Library. It is an open-access hub for all things design research. It includes the full back-catalogue of DRS conferences (1971-2020) and research outcomes from many DRS SIG events. We are working to expand the content even further and will host publications and materials from design research events across the world.

    DRS Executive Board member, Anna Vallgårda, is leading the Digital Library and said “I cannot express enough how exciting this is! It is a big deal for the design research community. It will provide consistent access to materials and will help consolidate design research as an independent and maturing research discipline.”

    DRS Chair,  Peter Lloyd, also added: “the new Digital Library is a key part of the DRS strategy going forward. We are focussed on increasing the quality of design research through our peer-reviewed conferences and events, and by providing a central repository for design research publications.”

    The Digital Library is built on the Bepress Digital Commons platform from Elsevier Science. This makes research materials easier to access, cite and explore. All content is listed with full DOI information, will be searchable and citable in Google Scholar, and makes full use of the range of referencing and citation analytics that Elsevier offers. Authors of recent papers can receive monthly readership reports and anybody can set up an account which will allow them to save searches and set up alerts on relevant new material when it's uploaded.

    Be sure to visit the DRS Digital library at and follow #DRSLibrary on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Conference organisers and journal editors should contact DRS Publications and Archives Editor, Darren Umney to inquire about adding design research material to the collection.

     December 16, 2020
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    We received 30 DRS Student Research Bursary applications this year—a record number! see more

    DRS Student Research Bursary Winners 2019

    We received 30 DRS Student Research Bursary applications this year—a record number! These bursary awards provide funds to carry out a research project. This includes data collection, equipment purchase and prototyping, but not normally conference travel or fees. Two DRS Council members reviewed each submission based on quality, value for money and impact. Bursary coordinator Robin Roy conducted a final review of high-scoring applications. This resulted in five full awards of 500 GBP and four awards of 250 GBP. Offering full and smaller awards enabled us to issue nine bursaries, instead of the seven we budgeted for.

    The bursary winners were Pushpi BagchiBritta BoyerTung DaoMaría José IzzoAlessandra PeppiViola PetrellaValentina Marques da Rosa Virginie Tessier and Florencia Varas. The winners are based in Chile, Brazil, Canada and the UK. Their research topics are broad and include a comparative project on transnational education in the UK and Shri Lanka (Bagchi); collaboration with UK-based companies to increase product life (Dao); hospital design to reduce distress for children undergoing cancer treatment (Marques da Rosa); and assessment guidelines for student designers learning to work collaboratively (Tessier).



    Robin Roy, DRS Student Research Bursary Coordinator

     November 19, 2019
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Darren will consolidate and develop the historic and ongoing publishing activities of the DRS see more

    Introducing Darren Umney, DRS Publications and Archive Editor

    The DRS is pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Umney as Publications and Archive Editor. Darren will take responsibility for consolidating and developing the historic and ongoing publishing activities of the DRS with a particular focus on academic papers, reports and conference proceedings.

    Darren will join the DRS support team that includes Online Editor Isabel Prochner and Administrator Linda Anderson. The support team works with the DRS Council and manages the day-to-day operations of the Society.  

    Darren began his career as an artist and has experience in film making, performance art, exhibition curation and online newspaper publishing. In addition to his role with the DRS, he works as Associate and Managing Editor of the Journal of Cultural Economy. He received his PhD from the Open University (UK) in 2016. His thesis explored the implications of studying parliamentary debate, and positioned the parliamentary process as a design process.

    Darren received a DRS 50th Anniversary Student Bursary, which he used to uncover the archaeological history of the Society. He also conducted an online performance—tweeting retrospectively about early DRS conferences. This work contributes to the growing DRS archive and was presented at DRS2016 in Brighton.

    As Publications and Archive Editor, Darren is looking forward to consolidating his historical exploration of the Society. He also has an important role sharing past, present and future DRS work with members.

     December 02, 2019
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Open-access digital library for all DRS publications and archive material see more

    New DRS Digital Library in the Works

    The DRS recently subscribed to the Bepress Digital Commons platform, run by Elsevier Science, to create an open-access digital library for all DRS publications and archive material. Digital Commons is used by many leading universities, societies and organisations around the world to manage institutional research publication needs (see full list). We will use this new platform to publish papers from new and existing conference proceedings as well as for historical material associated with the Society.

    The Digital Commons platform will make DRS publications much easier to access, cite, and explore, taking advantage of a broad range of referencing and citation analytics that Elsevier has to offer. Many DRS publications are currently available here, but the webpage is somewhat limited and difficult to search for individual papers. The new platform also provides an opportunity to expand DRS publishing activities.​​

    We are currently customising the platform with a planned launch in several months. 

    Stay tuned for updates, sneak peaks and the official launch!

    If you would like to know more, please contact the publications and archives editor Darren Umney at:

  • Peter Lloyd posted an article
    The Design Museum is now open in its spectacular new location on High Street Kensington. - See more see more

            The Design Museum is now open in its spectacular new location on High Street Kensington.
     November 27, 2016
  • Derek Jones posted an article
    Design society, China opens: design museum, cultural design platform and international ambitions see more

    Design Society had its grand opening this month (December 2017) and aims to create a cultural platform to enable China to become a global design leader.

    Housed in Fumihiko Maki's Sea World Arts and Culture Centre, Design Society has an ambitious public programme of exhibition, education and collaboration. It firmly positions design knowledge within its socio-cultural context and positions itself as service for society generally.

    Design Society is currently hosting a joint gallery with the V&A, UK, titled Values of Design and was listed as part of a broader strengthening of UK / China creative partnerships.

    The Values of Design exhibition will run throughout 2018 - more details can be found here.

    Design Society website:


     December 20, 2017
  • Peter Lloyd posted an article
    About the DRS's Participation in the World Design Summit see more

    The DRS at the World Design Summit: Report



    The Design Research Society was invited to participate, along with many other International Design Societies and Organisations, in the World Design Summit which took place in Montreal on the 23rd and 24th October 2017. The purpose of the Summit was the development of a joint Declaration – a position statement to identify the unique role, capacities and value of design and design-related disciplines in the current global context. The declaration outlined how design impacts and can better address aspects of economy, culture, environment, and society and serves to galvanize the resources and skills of the international design, planning, architecture and landscape architecture communities in articulating a bold vision of a design-driven future.


    Delegates at the World Design Summit in Montreal


    The Design Research Society came relatively late to the process, in August this year, but the declaration has been many years in development. In 2015 seven international organizations representing industrial design, interior design, interaction design, graphic and communication design, landscape architecture and housing and planning jointly declared design’s critical role in shaping the world that meets global development goals fostering sustainability, equality, diversity and long term economic viability. Conceptual convergence has come about by focusing on that which is common between the disciplines and the shared desire to strategically leverage the unique capacity of design to address pressing global needs.


    The draft declaration was considered by the DRS Council prior to the summit and, though there was some criticism that the role of design researchers and Universities wasn’t prominent enough, it was thought this was an initiative that aligned well with the aims and objectives of the Society. The summit itself was conducted as a UN style negotiation, with each society/organisation having up to two delegates. Professor Peter Lloyd represented the DRS as Vice Chair and head delegate, with Professor Tiiu Poldma as supporting delegate (though also head delegate for IASDR). Societies who had indicated that they would be prepared to sign the declaration were given the chance to speak in various sessions to comment on various aspects of the draft delegation. On behalf of the DRS it was suggested that design research (and research in general) as well as forward thinking design education, should be a key component of any future involving design solutions at the global scale.


    DRS Vice Chair, Peter Lloyd signs the Montreal Design Declaration on behalf of the DRS


    Following two days of commenting on the declaration - comments that will be taken account of in the next stage of implementation - the summit ended with a signing ceremony where 25 international design organisations along with several International Non-Governmental Organisations, amongst them UNESCO and other UN Global Compacts, signed up to what is now known as the Montreal Design Declaration. 


    It will be interesting to see what follow’s from a declaration of such ambition and scope, but several of the possible projects listed as examples could be taken on by the DRS - see the text of the declaration below for project outlines. Aside from the declaration many good connections were made with the leaders of other Organisations and Societies, so future partnership working and collaboration will be a possibility. Many at the Summit were aware of the DRS, and very positive about its participation at the event. For those that were unaware, the Design Research Society will now be on their horizon. The DRS’s contribution to the Summit, and participation going forward, will mean an increased level of influence on the world design stage.


    For Further Details

    Please contact the DRS Administrator: 


    For Reference

    Read the Montreal Design Declaration

    Website for the World Design Summit

    The United Nations Sustainable Development goals 

     November 02, 2017
  • Derek Jones posted an article
    Bloomsbury announces digital Design Library see more

    From the Bloomsbury Press release:


    Bloomsbury Digital Resources launches new Bloomsbury Design Library platform!

    We’re delighted to introduce Bloomsbury Design Library. This comprehensive online resource offers unrivalled scholarly coverage of design and crafts worldwide, from 1500 BCE to the present day.

    It combines carefully curated text and fully searchable image content of the highest quality with an intuitive taxonomy for research and discovery. It is the ideal choice to enhance research, teaching and learning in the fields of visual arts, design and craft studies.

    About Bloomsbury Design Library

    This unparalleled resource offers a new way to access and explore comprehensive, peer-reviewed reference works such as World History of Design by eminent design historian, Victor Margolin; and Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design, which features more than 1,700 authoritative articles by leading international scholars. 

    These authoritative reference works are complemented by cutting-edge academic research and a wealth of images in over 60 eBooks with broad coverage of topics across design and craft studies, by leading scholars including Glenn Adamson, Tony Fry, John Heskett, Penny Sparke, Judith Attfield and Nigel Cross.

    When users need to get the lowdown on key figures in design, they can turn to the site’s handy designer pages for the essential details and links to further reading on influential designers from William Morris to Charles and Ray Eames.

    An exciting feature that users won’t want to miss is the interactive timeline. This richly illustrated tool offers an overview of global design and crafts history from 1500 BCE to contemporary times, accompanied by contextual information and click-through links to related content. It’s perfect for helping users to understand the history of design in its social, political and economic context.

    The combination of these authoritative, practical resources will empower researchers, academics and students to discover more about important designers, schools, places, disciplines and periods, with numerous paths to navigate the site seamlessly.

    Coming soon to Bloomsbury Design Library:

    • Online exclusive articles from the Encyclopedia of Asian Design
    • Image collections and exhibition archives from museum partnerships – including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York
    • A museum directory comprising key design and decorative arts museums worldwide

    Praise for the major reference works in Bloomsbury Design Library

    World History of Design

    Victor Margolin

    “World History of Design encapsulates a vast body of knowledge within a singular vision ... [and is] more than an essential reference source.” – Journal of Design History

    Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design

    Clive Edwards (Editor)

    “From traditional crafts to digital gaming, the collection offers a rich and solid content embracing the complexity and diversity of the field of design.” – ICON Magazine

    Interested in finding out more?

    Bloomsbury Design Library is available now for 30-day free trials, and can be purchased on a subscription basis. If you would like to know more or have any questions about the product please contact

    Company information

    Bloomsbury Digital Resources division is focused on providing essential and cutting edge scholarly content across the Humanities, Social Sciences and Visual Arts in a dynamic online format.

    Whether it be primary documents, critical texts, historical archives or the latest in video and audio resources, we are committed to enhancing research, teaching, and learning with innovative digital products.

     September 17, 2017
  • Erik Bohemia posted an article
    5 Volume DMA 2017 Conference Proceedings available online see more

    5 Volume   DMA 2017 Conference Proceedings available for a download.

    The conference website can be access from this link 

    Although, each paper is referenced with a DOI number, the DOIs will be in working order as intended in September 2017.

    The set of volumes have the following serial reference number: ISSN 2514-8419 (Online)

    The each Volume has been allocated its specific ISBN:
    ISBN 978-1-912294-11-4 (Volume 1)
    ISBN 978-1-912294-12-1 (Volume 2)
    ISBN 978-1-912294-13-8 (Volume 3)
    ISBN 978-1-912294-14-5 (Volume 4)
    ISBN 978-1-912294-15-2 (Volume 5)

    following APA the preferred reference style for your paper:

    Author, X., Author, Y. (2017). Paper Title. In E. Bohemia, C. de Bont, & L. S. Holm (Eds.), Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy (Vol. X, pp. xxx–xxx). London: Design Management Academy. doi: 10.21606/dma.2017.XX

    Volume 1 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 1 PDF 8.69MB

    Volume 2 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 2 PDF 6.28MB

    Volume 3 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 3 PDF 9.07MB

    Volume 4 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 4 PDF 8.66MB

    Volume 5 Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy 2017 Volume 5 PDF 6.69MB