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New DRS Digital Library in the Works

New DRS Digital Library in the Works

The DRS recently subscribed to the Bepress Digital Commons platform, run by Elsevier Science, to create an open-access digital library for all DRS publications and archive material. Digital Commons is used by many leading universities, societies and organisations around the world to manage institutional research publication needs (see full list). We will use this new platform to publish papers from new and existing conference proceedings as well as for historical material associated with the Society.

The Digital Commons platform will make DRS publications much easier to access, cite, and explore, taking advantage of a broad range of referencing and citation analytics that Elsevier has to offer. Many DRS publications are currently available here, but the webpage is somewhat limited and difficult to search for individual papers. The new platform also provides an opportunity to expand DRS publishing activities.​​

We are currently customising the platform with a planned launch in several months. 

Stay tuned for updates, sneak peaks and the official launch!

If you would like to know more, please contact the publications and archives editor Darren Umney at: