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Publications of the DRS include electronic newsletters (Design Research News and the DRS Newsletter); conference proceedings for the DRS biennial and other DRS conferences; and reports associated with the activities of the Society. Please visit the DRS Digital Library to explore publications of the DRS


Design Research News

Design Research News (DRN) is a free electronic newsletter, established in 1998, that communicates news and events relating to the design research field throughout the world. DRN is mailed automatically via the Jiscmail service at the beginning of each month. DRN currently has over 10,000 subscribers worldwide and is edited by David Durling.
Accessing Design Research News 
Subscription to DRN is a service provided by the DRS and is free to members and non-members alike. you can subscribe to DRN by visiting the Jiscmail website and following instructions to subscribing to the Design Research list
A searchable archive of all back issues of the DRN is available through the customisable JISC search engine at: ('Search Archives').

DRS Newsletters

As part of the DRS 50th Anniversary conference the covers of all paper-based DRS Newsletters (1967-1999) were added to an online archive. Copies of these newsletters are held at the University of Brighton Design Archives.

Conference Proceedings

Proceedings have been published from almost all biennial DRS conferences, which are available in the open access DRS Digital Library.


   The DRS publishes reports relating to the activities of the Society. These include a report for the Annual General Meeting, accessible below, and reports of bursary projects awarded.

Design Research Quarterly

Between 2006 and 2009 the DRS published a quarterly journal called Design Research Quarterly (DRQ). The journal was a hybrid, with timely news of Design Research Society, its members and regions and its sister societies, and articles about issues of importance and interest to design research, theory and knowledge.  DRQ was set up by the then Communications Secretary, Ken Friedman, and edited by Peter Storkerson. All issues can be found in the DRS Digital Library: