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Design Research Society Conferences

The DRS organises a large international conference every two years to discuss and present current practice and theory in Design Research. Most recently, the DRS2020 conference was hosted online by Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia in August 2020. Our next conference will take place in Bilbao, Spain, in the summer of 2022.

The Society co-organises other biennial conferences (e.g. DRS and CUMULUS on LearnX), collaborates fully in the IASDR biennial conference series, and supports a range of other international design research events.

You can find all publications from DRS Conferences in the DRS Digital Library


DRS Conferences

DRS2022: Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain

DRS2020: Synergy, virtual event hosted Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia

DRS2018:  Catalyst, Limerick, Ireland

DRS2016: Future-Focused Thinking (50th Anniversary), Brighton, UK

DRS2014: Design's Big Debates, Umea, Sweden

DRS2012: Re:Search - Uncertainty, Contradiction and Value, Bangkok, Thailand

DRS2010: Design and Complexity, Montreal, Canada

DRS2008: Undisciplined!, Sheffield, United Kingdom

DRS2006: Wonderground, Lisbon, Portugal

DRS2004: Futureground, Melbourne, Australia

DRS2002: Common Ground, London, UK 

1998: Quantum Leap, Birmingham, UK

1984: The Role of the Designer, Bath, UK

1982: Design Policy, London, UK

1980: Design Science Method, Portsmouth, UK

1978: Architectural Design, Istanbul, Turkey

1976: Changing Design, Portsmouth, UK

1974: Problem Identification for Design, Manchester, UK

1973: The Design Activity, London, UK

1972: Design and Behaviour, Birmingham, UK

1971: Design Participation, Manchester, UK

1967: Design Methods in Architecture, Portsmouth, UK

1965: The Design Method, Birmingham, UK

1964: The Teaching of Engineering Design, Scarborough, UK

1962: Conference on Design Methods, London, UK


IASDR Conferences

IASDR 2019 Manchester

IASDR 2017 Cincinnati

IASDR 2015 Brisbane

IASDR 2013 Tokyo

IASDR 2011 Delft

IASDR 2009 Seoul

IASDR 2007 Hong Kong

IASDR 2005 Taiwan


DRS//Cumulus Conferences

2021 LearnXdesign, Jinan

2019 LearnXdesign, Ankara 

2017 LearnXdesign, London

2015 LearnXdesign, Chicago

2013 Design Learning for Tomorrow, Oslo

2011 DRS//Cumulus, Paris