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SIG Design for Policy and Governance

The Design for Policy and Governance Special Interest Group (PoGoSIG) aims to bring together researchers, designers, and academics to critically examine, promote, and explore the effect of design on innovation in policy and governance through an international context.



Recent global events such as the mass pandemic, food sustainability issues, environmental concerns, and tumultuous political landscapes have led to calls for greater innovation in the interface between governments and their public. Design for Policy and Governance, a potential solution, is the process of systematically developing effective human-centered policies based on a combination of collaborative approaches, evidence-based criteria, and novel concepts while leveraging design-driven research methods.

Our organizational objectives:

  1. AGENDA SET - Seek to examine, develop, and advance the field of design-led policy and governance through research, practice, and pedagogy.
  2. PROVIDE RESEARCH – Identify and develop original research in the field of design-led policy and governance via publications, conference activity, and discussion.
  3. BUILD COMMUNITY – Develop a network of scholars and professionals devoted to participation in and discussion of the field of design-led policy and governance.
  4. COLLABORATE – Work with individuals, educational institutions, governments, and the private sector to develop collaborative activities and events that further the study of design-led policy and governance. 
  5. SUPPORT - Provide effective support to help strengthen the overall values and mission of DRS.



By joining PoGoSIG you will automatically be added to our newsletter which keeps readers up to date on our latest projects including hosted events, conference participation, publications, research, and more. We strongly welcome and encourage our members to reach out with ideas on how to engage the community and collaborate on research. To join PoGoSIG or find out more about how to co-host an event with us, please contact Scott Schmidt at


Convening Group

Scott Schmidt - United States (Chair)

Marzia Mortati - Italy


Advisory Board

Christian Bason - Denmark

Emma Blomkamp - New Zealand

Rachel Cooper - United Kingdom

Michael Howlett - Canada

Sabine Junginger - Switzerland

Stefano Maffei - Italy

Nicolás Rebolledo - United Kingdom

Marco Steinberg - Finland


PoGoSIG Discussion 

Design for Policy and Governance Forum