DRS Student Research Bursary Scheme

+++ The deadline for 2017 is now closed +++

The DRS Student Research Bursary Scheme offers grants of up to 500 GBP to student members of the society. The purpose of the scheme is to help research students progress towards a publication in the design research field.

1500 GBP is available for the scheme in each calendar year.



To be eligible for a DRS Student Research Bursary, you should:

   • Be a current student member of the Design Research Society;

   • Have a sponsor who is a member of the Design Research Society.


Details of the Scheme

The scheme is intended to cover a wide range of research activities that require funding. These activities might include (but are not limited to) payments for: research materials, experimental participants, specialist equipment, expertise (for example: translation, statistics, design) and funding for travel.


Application Deadlines

The scheme runs annually with a deadline of announced each year on the DRS website. Check the Jobs and Opportunities page for deadline details.

The 2017 deadline for applications was Friday 15 September 2017.


Conditions of Award

There are a number of conditions for applicants successful in securing funding:

   • A short written report is given once the funds have been used and within one year following the award;

   • The DRS should be acknowledged in any publication to which the bursary has contributed;

The report will receive a brief response from the DRS council and will form the basis of a summary of the research that will be added to the DRS website.


Submitting your application

Completed forms should be sent to: admin@designresearchsociety.org


Reviewing Process

Every application received will be reviewed by a panel comprising 3 members of the DRS council who will rank applications on the basis of: quality, value for money, and impact. The decision of the panel will be final.

Applications will be reviewed within one month of the deadline for submission, with applicants being informed of the decision shortly after.

The names of successful applicants will be posted, along with project titles on the DRS website. Final reports of funded projects will also be added to the DRS website.


Download a DRS Student Bursary Application Form


Further Information

For further information about the Student Research Bursaries please contact:

Professor Robin Roy (robin.roy@open.ac.uk), Council Officer responsible for the Bursary Scheme

Previous Bursary Awards

2017 - Anna Borzenkova

            Lilian Bosch

            Nico Klenner

            Florence Nwankwo

            Will Renel

            Tian Tian


2016 - Yana Boeva

            Kiwoong Nam

            Nicola St John

            Sky Lo Tian Tian

            Cyril Tjahja


2015 - Clara Aranda-Jan

            Claudia Nunez-Pacheco

            Anna Sadkowska

            Kyungeun Sung

            Iain Aitchison


2014 - Shital Desai

            Serdar Aydin


2013 - Deny Junaidy

            Laura Piscicelli

            Sarah Rhodes

            Timothy Whitehead