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Research funding

  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    We received 30 DRS Student Research Bursary applications this year—a record number! see more

    DRS Student Research Bursary Winners 2019

    We received 30 DRS Student Research Bursary applications this year—a record number! These bursary awards provide funds to carry out a research project. This includes data collection, equipment purchase and prototyping, but not normally conference travel or fees. Two DRS Council members reviewed each submission based on quality, value for money and impact. Bursary coordinator Robin Roy conducted a final review of high-scoring applications. This resulted in five full awards of 500 GBP and four awards of 250 GBP. Offering full and smaller awards enabled us to issue nine bursaries, instead of the seven we budgeted for.

    The bursary winners were Pushpi BagchiBritta BoyerTung DaoMaría José IzzoAlessandra PeppiViola PetrellaValentina Marques da Rosa Virginie Tessier and Florencia Varas. The winners are based in Chile, Brazil, Canada and the UK. Their research topics are broad and include a comparative project on transnational education in the UK and Shri Lanka (Bagchi); collaboration with UK-based companies to increase product life (Dao); hospital design to reduce distress for children undergoing cancer treatment (Marques da Rosa); and assessment guidelines for student designers learning to work collaboratively (Tessier).



    Robin Roy, DRS Student Research Bursary Coordinator

     November 19, 2019
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Bursaries of up to 500 GBP to support student member projects see more

    Applications Open for DRS Student Research Bursary Awards

    The DRS Student Research Bursary Awards support design research projects by DRS Student Members. Five to seven Bursaries of up to 500 GBP are available each year. Funds support the execution of a research project. This could include prototyping, data collection, equipment purchase, essential travel to undertake the research, etc.

    The 2019 application deadline is 23 September. Visit the Bursary webpage for more information, to download the application form and to see project reports from previous winners. Please note: applicants must apply with a sponsor, usually a research supervisor. Both the student and sponsor must be current DRS members.

  • Derek Jones posted an article
    DRS Student Research Bursary Scheme 2018 Award recipients announced see more

    DRS Student Research Bursary Scheme 2018

    The awards for the DRS Student Research Bursary Scheme 2018 have been confirmed and congratulations go to the following students.

    Yang Zhao, Tongji University. The Auditory Experience of Electric Cars in Typical Driving Situations.

    Irma Landa-Avila, Loughborough University.  Holistic outcome-based approach towards sustainable healthcare systems design (Tool development).

    Julie Milovanovic, Graduate School of Architecture, Nantes. Neurophysiological correlates of cognitive design behaviours?

    Laura Salisbury, Royal College of Art. Integrating stroke rehabilitation into daily life by its facilitation on and through the skin through intelligent design technology.

    Silke Hofmann, Royal College of Art and The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design. Re-thinking design aesthetics of post-mastectomy lingerie: Developing fashion design strategies to assist physical and psychological trauma recovery.

    Pang Chuan William Wang, Royal College of Art. Mental Health Crisis in Emergency Department: Improving Spatial and Experiential Patient Journey in Charing Cross Hospital Emergency Department

    Maria Errazuriz, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile. Multi-sensory Interface, Learning the basics of Trigonometry.

     As with last year, the number and quality of entrants was exceptionally high, making it difficult for the team to come to final decisions. Once again the maximum number of awards were made, highlighting the high quality of proposals received.

    A huge thank you to all entrants and we look forward to seeing the award recipients' reports in 2019!



    Robin Roy, DRS Student Research Bursaries Coordinator

     December 17, 2018
  • Derek Jones posted an article
    DRS Student Research Bursary Scheme award recipients announced! see more

    The DRS Student Bursary Scheme has awarded bursaries to the following students:

    Lilian Bosch, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

    Anna Borzenkova, University of Wolverhampton

    Nico Klenner, RMIT University

    Florence Nwankwo, Nottingham Trent University

    Will Renel, Royal College of Art

    Tian Tian, School of Design, University of Leeds

    A record number of 23 applications were put through the double-blind review and selection process this year. Appreciation and thanks go to all students who submitted. The assessment panel noted how high the quality of the applications was this year, making it a very difficult task to arrive at the finalists.

    The assessment panel also agreed to increase the total number of awards made to six, a reflection of the quality of all submissions.

    Congratulations to those awarded and watch this space for some really interesting research reports in the coming year.

    The date of next year’s award will be announced via the DRS website and social media channels. Previous student bursary reports can be found here.

     November 03, 2017
  • Derek Jones posted an article
    UK Design Council Spark initiative opens 12 September 2017 see more

    The UK Design Council Spark initiative will open on 12 September 2017 and is open to anyone with a good idea which they think would make a great product.

    Financial and mentoring support is available to support the development of finalists. This can be a great opportunity for design PhD candidates and post-docs with a fantastic idea.

    Details are available on the Design Council Spark site here


     September 06, 2017
  • Derek Jones posted an article
    UKRI head Walport, stresses importance and inclusion of the Arts in UK's research funding strategy see more

    Prof Sir Mark Walport observed the importance and inclusion of the Arts in the UK's new research funding organisation (the UKRI):

    "The Industrial Revolution was driven by the steam engine. And I think that this industrial revolution is driven by "Steam" as well, by which I mean science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

    "And if you think what it is that makes modern technology usable is the sort of design element. So if you put all that together, then the opportunity [exists] to strengthen what's already a very strong research and innovation mechanism in the UK. That means getting the synergies and making the whole greater than the sum of the parts." (Source: BBC News)

    The DRS welcomes the recognition and inclusion of design in such statements but it demonstrates the importance of ensuring the awareness of the significance of contemporary design and design research with the media and policy makers.

    The estimated £ GVA contribution of the Creative Economies to the UK alone is not matched by the perception of its value by policy makers and political leaders ( Creative Industries Council).

    The reporting of this by the media and other institutions and organisations also has a significant influence on public attitudes towards the position of design and innovation. Presented as  a footnote to science research in the BBC article above or as another call for 'better' mathematics education.

    It seems there is still work to do in order to present design as a significant contributor to any society's knowledge and culture - not simply as an adjunct to engineering or as a reason for science.


    Use the Comments below to discuss whether the DRS should take a more active role in promoting design research at the policy level in the UK or any individual country.