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  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Open-access hub for all things design research see more

    Launch of the New DRS Digital Library

    We are very proud to present the new DRS Digital Library. It is an open-access hub for all things design research. It includes the full back-catalogue of DRS conferences (1971-2020) and research outcomes from many DRS SIG events. We are working to expand the content even further and will host publications and materials from design research events across the world.

    DRS Executive Board member, Anna Vallgårda, is leading the Digital Library and said “I cannot express enough how exciting this is! It is a big deal for the design research community. It will provide consistent access to materials and will help consolidate design research as an independent and maturing research discipline.”

    DRS Chair,  Peter Lloyd, also added: “the new Digital Library is a key part of the DRS strategy going forward. We are focussed on increasing the quality of design research through our peer-reviewed conferences and events, and by providing a central repository for design research publications.”

    The Digital Library is built on the Bepress Digital Commons platform from Elsevier Science. This makes research materials easier to access, cite and explore. All content is listed with full DOI information, will be searchable and citable in Google Scholar, and makes full use of the range of referencing and citation analytics that Elsevier offers. Authors of recent papers can receive monthly readership reports and anybody can set up an account which will allow them to save searches and set up alerts on relevant new material when it's uploaded.

    Be sure to visit the DRS Digital library at and follow #DRSLibrary on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Conference organisers and journal editors should contact DRS Publications and Archives Editor, Darren Umney to inquire about adding design research material to the collection.

  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Darren will consolidate and develop the historic and ongoing publishing activities of the DRS see more

    Introducing Darren Umney, DRS Publications and Archive Editor

    The DRS is pleased to announce the appointment of Darren Umney as Publications and Archive Editor. Darren will take responsibility for consolidating and developing the historic and ongoing publishing activities of the DRS with a particular focus on academic papers, reports and conference proceedings.

    Darren will join the DRS support team that includes Online Editor Isabel Prochner and Administrator Linda Anderson. The support team works with the DRS Council and manages the day-to-day operations of the Society.  

    Darren began his career as an artist and has experience in film making, performance art, exhibition curation and online newspaper publishing. In addition to his role with the DRS, he works as Associate and Managing Editor of the Journal of Cultural Economy. He received his PhD from the Open University (UK) in 2016. His thesis explored the implications of studying parliamentary debate, and positioned the parliamentary process as a design process.

    Darren received a DRS 50th Anniversary Student Bursary, which he used to uncover the archaeological history of the Society. He also conducted an online performance—tweeting retrospectively about early DRS conferences. This work contributes to the growing DRS archive and was presented at DRS2016 in Brighton.

    As Publications and Archive Editor, Darren is looking forward to consolidating his historical exploration of the Society. He also has an important role sharing past, present and future DRS work with members.

  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    The DRS website will feature articles, event notices and job postings in their original language see more

    Moving Toward a Multilingual DRS Website

    Starting from now, the DRS website will feature articles, event notices and job postings in their original language. We’ll also include an automatically generated English translation at the end of each post. This change is part of the process of developing our international presence and our commitment to supporting the global design research community.

    Contact Isabel ( if you have news to share through the DRS online or have suggestions for the new DRS! 


  • Peter Lloyd posted an article
    New DRS Online Editor for increasing engagement with members see more

    New Online Editor

    Hello—I'm the new Online Editor for the Design Research Society! My name is Isabel Prochner and I'm a design researcher based in Montreal, Canada. I love the sense of community that develops around design research and at DRS events. Together with the DRS communications team, I’m looking forward to fostering this community year-round. My goal is to engage members from across the world and expand existing networks. I'll also work to make the DRS website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo) an even more valuable resource for members.

    In the coming year, you can expect: regular articles on the DRS website and social media platforms that showcase the exciting work being done by members and happening in design research; enhanced Events and Jobs and Opportunities sections on the website, making them an excellent source for design research announcements; and community engagement activities to keep the DRS online platforms buzzing.

    You can e-mail me with questions or ideas at

  • Derek Jones posted an article
    Find out about the new visual identity of the DRS! see more

    The DRS has a new visual identity. To reflect the way we are changing we worked with a design agency to come up with a new look for our online and offline activity. Find out more about the story by watching this short video...

  • Derek Jones posted an article
    New DRS website officially launched see more

    The new DRS website was officially launched today, 12 July 2017

    Tracy Bhamra, the Chair of the DRS Council, said:

    "The new website and visual identity are the result of work started at the end of the 50th anniversary conference in Brighton last year. However, this is only the start of an ongoing process of updating and refreshing the DRS over the coming year. As we work towards the next DRS international conference in Limerick, Ireland, further consultation with members will inform the Society’s future."

    Take a look at the new site here:

    All DRS members are invited to give us feedback on the new site and to check the website regularly (or follow the DRS on social media) to find out how to get involved in the future of the DRS.