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    DRS conference session at CAA 2021 see more

    What is Design Research in 2021?

    The DRS is hosting a session at the CAA 2021 Conference entitled What is Design Research in 2021? The College Art Association (CAA) is a well known visual arts organisation in the USA. Their large annual conferences are an opportunity to share research and creative work in art and design. CAA 2021 will take place 10-13 February as an online or hybrid event with potential activities in New York City. There are multiple sessions on design and design research including our event.

    The DRS session explores the meaning and scope of design research in 2021:

    The Design Research Society (DRS) is a learned society committed to promoting and developing design research. Founded in 1966, the DRS is the longest established international and multi-disciplinary society for the design research community. Despite this history of activity, the DRS typically avoids defining the field of design research, viewing this openness as a strength.

    Of course, there is a long history of writing on the definition and scope of design research and its shifting focus over the years. This includes work by authors like Nigel Cross, Bruce Archer, Richard Buchanan, Kees Dorst, Rachel Cooper, and Clive Dilnot as well as more recent writing in Design Studies, the journal of the DRS, such as “Developing Theory-Driven Design Research” by Philip Cash (2018).

    Despite its strengths, there are limits to this canon of writing and contemporary design research includes many practices and approaches. For instance, on decolonization (Ansari), governmentality (Tunstall), women’s perspectives (Prochner) and writing from different linguistic and cultural traditions represented in the recent DRS special interest group conference PIVOT. The current Chair of the DRS, and Editor-in-Chief of Design Studies, recently called for more critical, detailed, and discourse analytic approaches to the design research field (Lloyd 2019).

    This session calls for proposals that explore the meaning and scope of design research in 2021. This includes both presentations that explore the canon and those that push its boundaries. We are especially interested in presentations that explore lesser-known theory, contradictions in design research and critical contemporary issues.

    Conference and submission details are available at

    We are accepting proposals until 16 September 2020. Complete the CAA proposal form and send submissions to Isabel Prochner

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    Learn X Design 2021 will take place 24–26 Sept. 2021, hosted by Shandong University of Art & Design see more

    Learn X Design 2021 Announcement

    The DRS Special Interest Group in Design Pedagogy (PedSIG) is delighted to announce that Learn X Design 2021 will take place 24–26 September 2021, hosted by Shandong University of Art & Design, China.

    Learn X Design: International Conference for Design Education Researchers is a biennial conference series from PedSIG. This will be the 6th Learn X Design conference. It follows the 2019 event hosted by METU in Ankara.

    Full Paper, Workshop, and Case Study submissions for Learn X Design 2021 are due 23rd March 2021. More details will be available on the conference website as the event approaches:

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    The Design Research Society biennial conference DRS2020 will take place 11-14 August 2020 see more

    Announcing DRS2020 in Brisbane, Australia

    The Design Research Society biennial conference DRS2020 will take place 11-14 August 2020. The conference will be hosted by Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. As with previous DRS conferences, DRS2020 will be a major global forum to present and discuss design research.

    The conference theme is Synergy, a powerful force where voices in design research become stronger together. We invite research papers and conversation and workshop proposals related to this theme. DRS2020 will also host a PhD Day, a forum for PhD students to discuss their work and get feedback from senior researchers.

    Peter Lloyd, Acting Chair of the DRS Interim Advisory Council, said "DRS2020 promises to be another high-quality design research event for the community and I’m very much looking forward to it. The conference will also be important for the Society as we hope to bring in a new governance structure for the DRS to allow us to develop into a more international organisation and better meet the needs of our members."

    DRS2020 Conference Chair Ming Cheung spoke about the host city, conference theme and conference goals: "With some of the world’s most talented researchers and practitioners from around the globe and across disciplines expected to meet in Brisbane and address synergy in design research, DRS2020 will see the city and Griffith University take the lead in promoting research excellence. The conference delegates will appreciate the city’s commitment to innovation and a strong knowledge economy on the one hand and experience its welcoming nature and leisure appeal on the other.” 

    See below for more information about the conference theme and calls for participation.



    DRS2020 Conference Theme

    DRS2020 explores Synergy – the coming together of people and disciplines in design research to create positive impact. While we champion the uniqueness of disciplinary knowledge and creativity, we are also optimistic about how the coming together of different mindsets, backgrounds and perspectives can realise transformative visions of the future. Synergy in design research provides exciting possibilities for answering multi-faceted problems, supporting stakeholder initiatives and participation, and transforming existing situations into desirable ones.

    As the influence of design research grows in academia and society globally, we question what new opportunities there are for us to work together, within and beyond our field.  How do disciplines work together in design research? What new methods and tools of design do we need to realise synergistic working? But also, when might Synergy not be desirable? How do we balance the tension between design research specialisms and the new experience design, interdisciplinary design and transdisciplinary design research spaces we find ourselves working in?

    While design research is always future focused, 2020 is also a time for us to reflect on what social, cultural, economic, environmental, technological and policy impact the Synergy within and beyond disciplines has had on our evolving field. DRS2020 invites contributions including, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:


    Design researchers increasingly collaborate and co-create with other fields such as healthcare, engineering, political science, social sciences and with a wide variety of societal stakeholders and issues such as wellbeing, as well as addressing developments such as networked, embedded and intelligent technologies. How does design research engage with other fields and support new interdisciplinary ways of working?


    Topics of interest include roles, expertise and multiple voices, inclusion, experience, participation and power distribution, the role of communities and public and private organisations, innovation and management, and the building of partnerships in and for design research.


    How is design research situated in cross-disciplinary collaboration, navigating cultures, diversity, ethics, sense of place and sense of materials, and the habits of different design communities? Under which conditions does design research flourish and is it able to help create positive impact? What are the dynamics between design research, governments and industry contexts?


    Topics include the value, significance and dimensions of design research and design efforts and how to increase, assess and measure them, responsibility among stakeholders including users, types of impact such as sustainability or economic impact, and scale and locus of impact such as human-object interactions.


    How does design education change and need to change? How do working designers and design researchers update their skills to meet the challenges of the present and future?


    Calls for Participation

    There are lots of ways to participate in DRS2020. See below for details on submission types and deadlines.

    Call for Papers

    Extended submission deadline: 9 December 2019 16 December 2019

    Full original papers (up to 5000 words) are sought that respond to the DRS2020 conference theme of Synergy and its sub-themes, or present emerging design research.

    Call for Conversation Proposals

    Submission deadline: 17 February 2020 29 February 2020

    Conversations engage a limited number of attendees in open exchange in arriving at new understandings about a particular topic. Conversations provide an environment where a constructive dialogue can take place about issues of importance in design research, particularly to promote exchanges about topics not easily captured by the scholarly papers.

    Call for Workshop Proposals

    Submission deadline: 17 February 2020 29 February 2020

    Workshops are half or full day interactive sessions aiming to convey research results hands-on and to bring together design researchers and practitioners in academia, in the public sector, and in business and industry. 

    Call for PhD Day

    Submission deadline: 17 February 2020 29 February 2020

    DRS2020 will comprise a participatory event offering PhD students a forum to present, share and discuss with each other and with senior academics the issues they encounter in doing a PhD in design research.


    Need more information? Visit the DRS2020 website at or follow the conference on Facebook and Twitter.

    Contact the program team at if you have questions about submissions. Contact the conference team at with other enquiries about the conference.

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    DRS2020 statement on bushfires and the impact of the coronavirus & extended deadline announcement see more

    DRS2020 Extended Deadlines: 24 February 2020

    The Design Research Society biennial conference DRS2020 will take place 11-14 August 2020. The conference will be hosted by Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. As with previous DRS conferences, DRS2020 will be a major global forum to present and discuss design research.

    Conference organisers have issued an announcement: 

    "The bushfires in Australia and the coronavirus outbreak in China have recently received ample media coverage and captured global attention. These natural disaster and global health events have raised our concerns once again about what we can do to assist in preventing and combating them. In light of this, DRS2020 would like to encourage design researchers to consider submitting proposals to convene Conversations or Workshops at DRS2020 that address, among other topics, the challenges of and solutions for climate change as well as global health and safety. To provide our design research community with more time to prepare their proposals, DRS2020 is now extending the submission deadline to Monday, 24 February 2020. For details on how to submit your proposal, please visit

    At the same time, the deadline for submitting an expression of interest to participate in activities of the DRS2020 Postgraduate Research Day (PG Day) has also been extended to Monday, 24 February 2020."

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    Attention—the paper deadline has been extended one week! see more

    The Design Research Society biennial conference DRS2020 will take place 11-14 August 2020. The conference will be hosted by Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. As with previous DRS conferences, DRS2020 will be a major global forum to present and discuss design research.

    ATTENTION—the paper deadline has been extended one week. Conference Chair Ming Cheung said “DRS2020 received a significant number of requests for paper deadline extension. We are happy to extend it until 16 December 2019, midnight AEST! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates!”

    Visit the DRS2020 website for submission information.

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    Call to Host Learn X Design 2021, the DRS Pedagogy SIG Conference see more

    Call to Host Learn X Design 2021

    The Design Research Society Pedagogy Special Interest Group (PedSIG) invites proposals to host the next PedSIG biennial conference Learn X Design 2021For an application pack and guidance on making a proposal, please email the PedSIG Convenor Derek Jones ( 

    +++UPDATED+++ The updated deadline for proposals is 12:00 noon BST on 14 November 2019.

    The PedSIG Convening Group will review proposals and schedule interviews (if required) by late November. A final decision will be announced in early December.

    Above: Photo at the closing of Learn X Design 2019

    PedSIG is the largest SIG in the DRS and includes members from institutions around the world. The SIG has held biannual conferences since 2011. The 2019 conference took place in Ankara and welcomed over 150 delegates from 81 institutions and 31 countries. Read more about the DRS Pedagogy SIG hereFurther information on past conferences is available in the application pack.

    Contact Derek Jones ( with any further questions.

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    LearnXdesign Call for Papers now OPEN! see more

    Call for Papers: LearnXdesign 2019

    The call for papers for the LearnXdesign 2019 conference in now open and the submission deadline has been extended to 30 December 2018. The call follows confirmation of the final 18 tracks themes, covering an incredibly diverse range of topics in design education and pedagogy. These range from 'Intercultural collaboration' right through to 'More than human prototyping', highlighting the range and diversity of contemporary design education research.

    You can find details of each track theme and instructions for submission here.

    This will be the 5th International LearnXdesign conference and will be hosted by Middle East Technical University (METU). The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first course on industrial design offered in Turkey at METU Faculty of Architecture by the American industrial designer David K. Munro. 2019 also is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Industrial Design as a separate undergraduate programme at METU. 

    Past events have established LearnXdesign as one of the key conferences in design education research. It hosts a particular intersection of educators, practitioners, and researchers across all levels of education and practice, and it’s unique character emerges from this passionately engaged community.

    The Conference theme for LearnXdesign 2019 is Insider Knowledge and major track themes are Learning Spaces; Learning Cultures; and Emerging Skill Sets and Mindsets. This firmly places the discussion within the discipline of design pedagogy itself reflecting the continued emerging confidence of design education researchers across the globe.

    Informed discussion around the purposes, modes, and motivations of design education have (arguably) never been more important. There is an emerging confidence in design pedagogy research - not simply as a different subject of study, but as a form of study in itself: one that has particular ways of knowing. Recent works are tackling the ‘messy space’ between the subjective and objective, demonstrating that it is possible to make progress in such areas and establish a growing knowledge base.

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    Next LearnXdesign conference see more

    Following the successful Ravensbourne LearnXdesign Conference we are seeking a host for the next conference. This would be scheduled for 2019.

    We have had very successful conferences in Paris, Oslo, Chicago and now London. Each of them has focused on design education research and been supported by the DRS Design Pedagogy Special Interest Group. Throughout they have also been supported by CUMULUS and the last two have also enjoyed the support of DESIGN-ED.

    If you are interested in hosting the next conference, then please contact Mike Tovey (, so we can discuss it.

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    The call for DRS2018 Track Sessions is now open! see more

    The DRS2018 organisers are seeking Track Session Proposals that will act as a Catalyst for Change, the main theme for the conference.

    In DRS2018: ‘Design as a catalyst for change’ we will critically engage with our key research questions: How can design research help explore the changing territorial contexts of design practice and/or policy? How can design, as a catalyst, shape the relationship between research and practice? How can design, and social, economic and political change, shape each other?

    Track sessions

    To capitalise on emerging research networks, as well as existing networks not already covered by SIG areas, we welcome proposals for track sessions of full papers related to any area of design research.

    The aim of track sessions is to provide specific research themes for paper submissions. These sessions will be managed by sub-chairs as part of the general paper submission and final programme.  

    Sub-chairs will be responsible for promoting their track to potential authors, identifying and allocating reviewers, curating conference sessions, and sub-editing their specific track section for the proceedings. Tracks will require a minimum of four accepted papers.

    Proposals should consist of a title, proposed sub-chair/s for the session, a list of 2–3 key people who will assist in managing the track submissions, track context and an outline (up to 250 words), and a brief list of references (up to 5) to indicate the track scope.


    To allow us to publicise additional tracks prior to the full-paper deadline, track session proposals should be submitted to on or before the deadline of 16th May 2017.  

    Track session proposals will be reviewed by a subset of the programme committee with sub-chairs informed of outcomes within two weeks of the deadline.  Successful proposals will be publicised on the website as part of the conference Call for Papers.

    Submissions for successful track sessions will take place via the online submission system along with standard paper submissions.

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    Recent Call for Track Session Themes attracts record submissions from the design research community. see more

    With 85 proposals for Theme Tracks, DRS2018 is off to a great start!

    The volume and range of topics submitted suggests that DRS2018 in Limerick will build on the success of last years 50th Anniversary conference in Brighton. There have been three times as many theme track proposals compared to 2016!

    The topics are spread across the entire design research spectrum - often overlapping but offering subtly distinctive framings of familiar themes and demonstrating the scale, depth and variety of design research around the world.

    The DRS2018 programme committee are currently reviewing all proposals and the outcomes will be made public in the coming weeks.

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    DRS2018 Paper submission deadline extended to 14 November see more

    The full Paper Submission Deadline for the DRS conference 2018 has been extended to midnight on the 14 November 2017.

    Further information on submission can be found on the DRS website :

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    DRS Conference 2018 - Calls for Conversations, Workshops and PhD by Design see more

    DRS2018 Limerick, 25th-28th June 2018.

    The final submission date for Workshops, Conversations, and PhD by Design to the DRS 2018 Conference is 15th February 2018.


    All submissions should be made through the DRS2018 ConfTool website:



    Call for Workshops

    Submission Deadline: 15th February 2017

    Workshops are half and full day sessions which provide an opportunity to learn in a practical and engaged way about the latest tools, methods and techniques of Design Research, Practice, and Education. They aim to bring together design researchers and design practitioners in academia, in the public sector, and in business and industry. Workshops will take place over the four days of the conference, though most will take place on Monday 25th June 2018. Further information and Workshop Template is available on the website.

    If you have queries please email


    Call for Conversations

    Submission Deadline: 15th February 2018

    Conversation is the DRS2018 format for sessions conceived as alternative to the traditional paper/presentation format, with the ambition of providing innovative venues for project-based research and work that is not easily captured or conveyed by the scholarly paper. A Conversation can be a structured discussion or experimental session format that advances dialogue around emergent forms of design research. The aim of the Conversation format is to engage a limited number of attendees in open exchange in arriving at new understandings about a topic. Each Conversation is facilitated by convenors who will produce a concluding document from their Conversation discussion. Dissemination results will be featured on the DRS2018 site following the conference. Further information and Conversations Template is available on the website:
    Any enquiries about Conversations should be directed to:


    Call for PhD by Design

    Submission Deadline: 15th February 2017

    PhD By Design will hold a one-day event at DRS2018 to vocalise, discuss and work through some of the many issues of conducting a practice-based PhD in Design. This event will be made up of informal presentations of work as an opportunity to explore what the future holds for practice-based PhDs. It will bring together designers undertaking practice-based doctoral research, as well as supervisors, MRes students, and MPhil students within and out with Design Departments. On the day we will produce an Instant Journal documenting discussions and outcomes and available during the conference. Further information on PhD by Design Limerick is available on the website. Information about past events is available at: Any enquiries about PhD by Design should be directed to:


    Contact Us

    Any enquiries about the conference should be directed to: Conference website: For regular updates follow us on Twitter: and Facebook: