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SIG Designing Retail & Services Futures

The SIG Design Retail & Services Futures community wants to advance knowledge in designing more holistic and encompassing stories for customers.


We strive to get a better understanding of the value of design in the commercial sector, including closely linked disciplines, such as branding, marketing, strategic design, design management and consumer psychology. Design and the value of it has been a subject of study for many years and from many different disciplines (ranging from product design to marketing, business economics, service design, management, environmental psychology, (interior)architecture, etc), but in a rather fragmented way, and with each their own research methods. Recent developments, that have been accelerated by the pandemic, show that in practice services are becoming a part of retail and vice versa. It all starts from the need of the consumer and to be able to better serve him/her. Whether it be online or offline, for a product or a service or an experience, or all together… It is only natural that the research world follows this trend. So, there is a need to bring these disciplines and related knowledge and insights together to calibrate terms and meanings, to understand each other and to work together. All to be able to create more holistic and more encompassing stories (for the customer). 



Prof. dr. Katelijn Quartier, Hasselt University, Faculty of Architecture and arts 


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Prof. Dr. Katelijn Quartier, Hasselt University, Faculty of Architecture and arts / Retail Design Lab

Organising Committee

Dr Bethan Alexander 
The Fashion Business School | London College of Fashion
Dr. Francesca Murialdo, Middlesex University London
Ilse Prinsloo, University of Johannesburg, interior design 
Mia B. Münster, PhD.
Research Assistant Professor, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dr. Zakkiya Khan, University of Lincoln
Francesca Fontana (PhD student), University of Camerino


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