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  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Announcing changes that will make the Society more inclusive, international, and influential see more

    DRS Votes 'Yes' to New Governance Model

    Following a unanimous vote at Tuesday's Special General Meeting, the DRS will undergo structural changes that will make the Society more inclusive, international, and influential. In a first for the Society the General Meeting was held entirely online which allowed members to join from as far away as Australia, Chile, and the US. 

    The DRS Council will now become an International Advisory Council (IAC) of 30 members from which 5 members will form an Executive Board. Liaising with the Executive Board, IAC members will form working groups in strategic areas to further the aims of the Society and progress the discipline of design research.

    Additional changes include term limits for Executive Board and International Advisory Council positions and an emphasis on virtual meetings. The DRS Administration team will also grow, adding to current Administrator, Online Editor and Publications and Archive Editor roles.

    This restructuring follows discussions with members at the Future DRS meeting (DRS2018) and votes at the 2018 AGM. It reflects the future vision of the Society defined by DRS members and the current Interim Advisory Council. The structure of the DRS has changed little since its inauguration in 1966 and we feel it is time to evolve in response to current needs and the changing nature of the design research discipline.

    More news will follow about the new roles that will be available, the upcoming elections, and the transition to the new structure.

     January 23, 2020
  • Isabel Prochner posted an article
    Vote on proposed rule changes for the Society see more

    Special General Meeting of the DRS, 21st January 2020

    A Special General Meeting (SGM) of the DRS will be held on Tuesday 21st January 2020 from 11:30-13:30 GMT. 

    DRS Members voted in favor of a new governance structure at the AGM in January 2019. This new structure will allow the DRS to become a more effective, inclusive, and international organization. 

    The purpose of the upcoming SGM is to vote on the proposed rule changes that will enable the new governance structure to come into force.

    For the first time we will be holding a general meeting entirely online to enable remote participation for as many DRS members as possible. The meeting is an important milestone that affects the future of the Society. All members are encouraged to attend and place their vote.

    Visit the SGM event page to register, view the agenda, and download meeting documents.

     December 20, 2019
  • Derek Jones posted an article
    2018 Annual General Meeting 2018 see more

    2018 Annual General Meeting

    The 2018 DRS Annual General Meeting took place in Manchester on Tuesday 15 January 2019. The meeting heard reports from DRS Officers (available here) and then approved the proposed new Governance Structure by a vote of 19 for, 1 against, with 1 abstention.

    Following the AGM a further meeting was held to confirm an Interim Advisory Council (IAC) to manage the transition arrangements as the DRS works towards implementing the new structures whilst maintaining existing operations. Peter Lloyd was elected as the Acting Chair of the Interim Advisory Council.

    The vote marks a significant change to the operation of the DRS. We believe it will allow the society to properly represent its international membership and further develop the field of design research.


    We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the consultation and discussion and we look forward to a productive future for the DRS.



    Rachel Cooper, DRS President
    Tracy Bahmra, Outgoing Chair of the DRS
    Peter Lloyd, Interim Advisory Group Chair

     January 16, 2019