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Introducing the Global Health SIG

Introducing the Global Health SIG

Introducing the Global Health SIG

We’re thrilled to announce a new DRS Special Interest Group (SIG) — Global Health SIG (GHSig)The group will explore and promote health design research across the world. It’s convened by Emmanuel Tsekleves and Fatima Ghani, and includes organising committee members Claudia de Souza Libanio, Yonette Thomas, Ming Cheung, Charles Ebikeme and Pablo HermansenHere’s what Tsekleves had to say about the new group.


What inspired the GHSig?

We came together to tackle health challenges across the world. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a major inspiration for our work.

Are there global collaborations within the GHSig team?

Absolutely! Our goal is to engage health and design researchers from the Global South and foster research collaborations between DRS members across the world.

What’s the expertise of the organising team?

We’re a group of academics, researchers and professionals from across all continents. We share a passion and interest for global health and design.

What research activities are you planning?

Lots of things — this includes local events, capacity-building workshops and publishing global health case studies. Our first event will take place in South East Asia in 2020.

How can DRS members get involved?

You can read about our mission on the Global Health SIG page and contact me to join. We’re looking forward to meeting other DRS members working in this field!


The DRS has 11 SIGs including the new Global Health SIG. See the full list here. Members can join a SIG or start a new SIG by making a proposal to DRS Council.

 August 26, 2019