Call for Abstracts: PAD - Pages of Art and Design

15 Jul 2019 (All Day)

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This call for submissions refers to the journal acronym (PAD. Pages of Art and Design), that also stands for the topic chosen: Landscape (Paesaggio in Italian), Art and Design.

The topic focuses on:

  • how the landscape is a cross between art and design?
  • landscape can be a stage in which a work of art is produced or a background for the interaction between art and design;
  • what is the landscape for a designer and what is it for the artist?
  • how physical and virtual Mediterranean landscapes can be enhanced?
  • it is also asked focus on the representation of the landscape: from cartography to maps, from communication to visual identity.

The two point of views, both that of the artistic heritage and that of the designer, grow up at the Department of Design at the Politecnico di Milano. The department consists of a very interdisciplinary environment in which a varied group of scholars researches from the project to the cultural heritage, from processes to historical aspects.

Then this call for paper refers to scholars in humanistic studies as well as design studies.
We are interested in texts that focus on a theoretical, aesthetic, and critical approach as well as on projects associated with the contemporary Mediterranean landscapes. Our focus is on water, the coast, the routes, and all the traditions of this part of Europe connected with the experience of the Mediterranean. This is the geographical area that the PAD review has focused on since its beginning.

The fact that the Mediterranean is a closed sea allows the coasts to be in close quarters so that both traditions and weather are similar to their connection to the sea. This region has also historically been a place of exchange as well as the difficult road for many African and Middle Eastern immigrants in search of a better life until today. Studying these various territories and their interactions is a very complex task, considering the human migration on the Mediterranean is filled with historical roads that contain a point of connections as well as lines of division between cultures.

Which kind of synergy exists in this area? Are art and design able to develop new places connected with contemporary culture in this context? Does any efficacious case of study exist between the contamination of art and design and so can barriers and limits fall? If so, is this contamination able to eliminate the pre-existing cultural barriers? Where is this kind of synergy of the Mediterranean born, and why are they born in this region?

The call for paper demands the attention of a large field of interest for designers, architects, artists, curators, cultural operators, art critics, and philosophers that study the aesthetics of the landscape.

We ask to send:

  • abstract proposals (from 2000 to 3000 spaces) beats in English and original languages by July 15th 2019.
  • full papers will be required to be submitted by September 15th 2019 and then be subjected to double-blind peer review. The length of the contributions 20000/25000 characters (abstract, notes and bibliography excluded).
  • illustrations (maximum 10 per article) must be collected in a .zip folder to be renamed by accompanying the author’s surname and a progressive numbering corresponding to the captions (eg 01_Cognome, 02_Cognome). These should be listed in a document written in the same font as the main text and written on a Word .doc document as follows Figure 1: Author’s name and surname, Title of the work, date. Minimum resolution of 300 dpi, .JPG file.

Abstract submission by mail to and cc to

15 Jul 2019 (All Day)

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