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New DRS Fellow: Professor Danielle Wilde

New DRS Fellow: Professor Danielle Wilde

The DRS would like to congratulate Professor Danielle Wilde on her appointment as a DRS Fellow. Wilde is professor in design for sustainability at Umeå University, at the Umeå Institute of Design, and professor in Societal Transitions at University of Southern Denmark, in the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics. In both locations she advocates the importance of design research across faculties of Science, Engineering, Social Science and Humanities. Wilde was awarded an MA in Interaction Design, from the Royal College of Art in London in 2003, and a PhD from Monash University and CSIRO Australia in 2012. Her PhD made contributions to design and engineering. She has since expanded her interest in embodied engagement towards situated change-making. 

Wilde has a strong publication record and is regularly invited to speak at leading scientific and cultural institutions. She takes a leading role in national and international organisations, including The European Network for Environmental Citizenship, the Danish National Centre for Sustainable Agrifood Systems, and others. She also sits on international advisory boards at The Catholic University, Santiago, Chile (MICARE, Millenium Institute for Caregiving) and IT University, Denmark (Centre for Climate IT)). She is also a member of the Estonia Academy of Art Doctoral School Academic Council, and is on the Editorial Boards of She ji Journal of Design, Economics and Innovation, and Temmes de Disseny. 

We look forward to working with Prof Wilde and again congratulate her on this achievement.  

 December 20, 2023