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New DRS Fellow: Dr Philip Cash

New DRS Fellow: Dr Philip Cash

The Design Research Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Philip Cash as a Fellow of the DRS. 

Dr Cash is a Professor of Design at Northumbria University in the UK. Over the last decade, he has achieved international recognition as a leading design scholar in the areas of design cognition, behaviour change, team dynamics, design methods and design theory as well as publishing studies looking more generally at the research field and research methodology. 

Dr Cash’ research on design processes, with implications for product and service design as well as research methods has translated into international research leadership, for example, in the development of major design process theory integrating aspects of co-evolution and cognition, the championing and formalisation of design process perspectives in the behavioural design space, and substantial work on translating research insights into practice impact through design methods. 

Through a series of publications, with a substantial number in Design Studies, Dr Cash has persistently argued for systematic inquiry in the field of design research. He developed the Research Notes series for Design Studies (Please note: the Research Notes are no longer associated with Design Studies. Instead, a special issue is currently being hosted by the Journal of Entering Design and going forward they will form part of a new journal supported by the DRS), providing an outlet for research quality discussion within the field. In 2017, his co-authored paper 'Behavioural design: A process for integrating behaviour change and design' was awarded Best Paper.

Professor Cash’s commitment to developing the field of design research has been equally impressive. He has pushed for increased integrity and ethical considerations in developing ethics guidance for DTU Management and more recently developing an academic culture strategy and research support at the School of Design, Northumbria University. Further, he has run research methods focused forums and workshops for PhD students and young academics.

We welcome Dr Cash to the DRS as a Fellow and congratulate him on this achievement. 

 February 28, 2024