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DRSelects: Global Health SIG's Emmanuel Tsekleves and Cláudia Libânio

DRSelects: Global Health SIG's Emmanuel Tsekleves and Cláudia Libânio

1. Please introduce yourself, your role in the DRS and your research.

Emmanuel Tsekleves: I am a Professor in Global Health Design at ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University and the Director of the Future Cities Research Institute. My research focuses on tackling community health challenges across the world.

Cláudia Libânio: I'm an Associate Professor in Healthcare Management and Innovation at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre (Brazil). My research focuses on design for health, aiming to develop more equitable, diverse, accessible and inclusive societies.

2. Could you please give an introduction to your SIG, any recent events/outcomes and any upcoming events you’d like to share?

The Global Health SIG aims to advance research on design for human and planetary health at a global scale, with a focus on engaging researchers from the Global South. A key goal is fostering collaborations between DRS members and other researchers worldwide to address health and climate change challenges.

The SIG relates its work to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 3 (healthy lives and wellbeing) and 13 (climate action). 

A recent publication is "The Little Book of Design for Health in Latin America", which presents 13 case studies illustrating how design research is improving healthcare across the region. The cases cover diverse areas like product, service, spatial, and systems design for challenges such as primary care, mental health, and obesity.

At the upcoming DRS Boston 2024 conference, the SIG will host:

  1. A conversation on the role of designers and design researchers in tackling health inequities in Latin America, aiming for thought-provoking dialogue.
  2. A theme track called 'Liveable Cities: Reimagining Design for Healthy Cities and Communities', exploring the intersection of design research, urban planning, public health and technology to create healthier cities for all.

The SIG welcomes interdisciplinary collaboration as it continues addressing critical issues in global health through design research and practice.

3. What are some of the benefits of being involved in the DRS through a SIG? How can those who are interested in becoming part of your SIG learn more?

Here are some potential benefits of being involved in the DRS through a Special Interest Group (SIG) like the Global Health SIG:

●      Collaboration opportunities: SIGs bring together researchers and practitioners with shared interests, allowing for networking, knowledge sharing, and potential research collaborations across institutions and countries.

●      Focused dialogue: SIGs provide a dedicated forum to dive deep into specific topics or areas of design research through conversations, presentations, and debates at conferences and events.

●      Publication opportunities: Some SIGs produce publications like little books or special journal issues, giving members a chance to contribute their work and thought leadership.

●      Interdisciplinary exchange: SIGs often have participants from diverse disciplines like design, healthcare, urban planning, etc. This cross-pollination can spark new perspectives and approaches.

●      Career development: Being an active SIG member demonstrates topical expertise and can raise an individual's profile within their research community.


For those interested in joining the Global Health SIG specifically, I would recommend:

●      Visiting the DRS website and SIG webpage to learn more about the group’s focus, leadership, and activities.

●      Reaching out to the SIG chairs/organizers to inquire about joining requirements and opportunities to get involved.

●      Considering submitting research papers/cases to relevant SIG-led tracks at upcoming DRS conferences.

●      Attending SIG conversations, or other events to network with current members.

●      Exploring opportunities to collaborate on projects, publications, or other initiatives aligned with the SIG’s goals.

4. Suggested papers from the DRS library.

Linking human and planetary health

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DRS2020 Editorial: Global Health SIG

Author: Emmanuel Tsekleves

Publication: DRS Biennial Conference Series

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Editorial: Health and Wellbeing by Design

Author: Emmanuel Tsekleves

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