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Design for Tangible, Embedded and Networked Technologies SIG

The Tangible Embedded Networked Technologies Special Interest Group (TENTSIG) is concerned with all aspects of design as it deals with distributed, invisible, and emergent technologies.

This includes:

  • The perceptual qualities of networked and embedded technologies, especially tangibility;

  • The development of design methodologies for new forms of objects and things;

  • A focus on the person at the centre of future networks;

  • Implications for ethics in design and technology;

Examples of related research include calls for user centred development of the Internet of Things prepared by the Technology Strategy Board and the EPSRC; artist and design led projects demonstrated at the TEI conferences (Tangible and Embedded Interactions); and approaches to wearable computing which question the drive for technology to be invisible.

TENTSIG will encourages members to engage with the HCI and Interaction Design communities as well as social science approaches to the ‘parliaments’ that generate design outcomes - for example: Socio-technical and Science and Technology Studies.



If you are interested in joining TENTSIG please contact Sarah Kettley


Sarah Kettley


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