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Nominations for Design Studies Best Paper Award Announced

Nominations for Design Studies Best Paper Award Announced

Nominations for Design Studies Best Paper Award Announced

Elsevier Science and Design Research Society have announced the final nominations for the Award for Best Paper, 2017. Even better, all nominated papers are available as a freely available virtual special issue here:


The Design Studies announcement 

We are pleased to announce the nominations of the Design Studies Award for the best paper published in 2017, and the release of a Virtual Special Issue containing all of the papers nominated for the 2017 Award.

This award is made annually, jointly by Elsevier Science and the Design Research Society (DRS). The criteria for the Award, in order of priority, are: contribution to the development of the field of design research, originality of research or scholarship, breadth of relevance, and clarity and style of presentation.

Nominations for the Award are made by the journal Editors and the winner selected by the Editor in Chief and the Chair of the DRS.

This collection of outstanding research papers has been made freely available as a Virtual Special Issue until March 31, 2019. This is in recognition of their contribution to advancing knowledge in the field of design studies and with our sincere thanks to the Authors.


Nominations for the Design Studies Award 2017

Behavioural design: A process for integrating behaviour change and design
Philip Cash, Charlotte Gram Hartlev, and Christine Boysen Durazo
Volume 48, pages 96-128 

Prototype for X (PFX): A holistic framework for structuring prototyping methods to support engineering design
Jessica Menold, Kathryn Jablokow, and Timothy Simpson
Volume 50, pages 70-112 

Where next for research on fixation, inspiration and creativity in design?
Nathan Crilly and Carlos Cardoso
Volume 50, pages 1-38 

The dynamics of micro-conflicts and uncertainty in successful and unsuccessful design teams
Susannah Paletz, Joel Chan, and Christian Schunn
Volume 50, pages 39-69 

Thinking Difference: theories and methods of design thinking
Rivka Oxman
Volume 52, pages 4-39 

Meta-parametric design
John Harding and Paul Shepherd
Volume 52, pages 73-95 

Advancing the strategic impact of human-centered design
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, and Kees Dorst
Volume 53, pages 1-23