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Design Studies: Latest Volume, July 2018

Design Studies: Latest Volume, July 2018

Design Studies Latest Contents

Volume 57, July 2018

Available online at:

Design Studies is the journal of the Design Research Society


Special Issue: Designing in the Wild, Edited by Linden Ball and Bo Christensen

This special issues also features selected papers from the 12th Design Thinking Research Symposium.

Editorial: Designing in the wild
Linden Ball, Bo Christensen

Timescales and ideaspace: An examination of idea generation in design practice
Kathryn Shroyer, Terri Lovins, Jennifer Turns, Monica Cardella, Cynthia Atman

Rendering a multi-dimensional problem space as an unfolding collaborative inquiry process
Robin Adams, Richard Aleong, Molly Goldstein, Freddy Solis

Design roulette: A close examination of collaborative decision-making in design from the perspective of framing
Janet McDonnell

Cracking open co-creation: Categories, stories, and value tension in a collaborative design process
Peter Lloyd, Arlene Oak

Grouping notes through nodes: The functions of Post-It notes in design team cognition
Graham Dove, Sille Julie Abildgaard, Michael Mose Biskjaer, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, Kim Halskov

Verbal focus shifts: Forms of low coherent statements in design conversations
Axel Menning, Bastien M. Grasnick, Benedikt Ewald, Franziska Dobrigkeit, Claudia Nicolai

DTRS: A catalyst for research in design thinking
Kees Dorst

A brief history of the Design Thinking Research Symposium series
Nigel Cross