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DRS Designing Change SIG Announces New Convenors

DRS Designing Change SIG Announces New Convenors

The DRS Special Interest Group Designing Change is pleased to announce that Mauricio Mejía and Luca Simeone have accepted to take the role of Co-Convenors.

In its first decade, the SIG was called Design for Behaviour Change and aimed to generate knowledge to address the challenge of designing for sustainability and health behaviors such as recycling, increasing physical activity, or taking medications. Now, the SIG is expanding to consider not only human behavior but also organizational and social behavior, also in light of bringing radical and meaningful transformation and transitions toward just, healthy, and sustainable futures.

The Designing Change Special Interest Group (SIG DfC) brings together researchers and practitioners who explore designing for individual behavior change, organizational change and societal change. The group studies theories of change and approaches that support designers to be intentional and strategic about change.

The SIG thanks previous Convenor Kristina Niedderer for her leadership and contributions to advance behavior change knowledge in the design field. She will continue her contributions as a SIG member. 


Mauricio Mejía is an Associate Professor of Design at Arizona State University. His current work is about strategic design and theories of change. He often collaborates with practitioners and researchers in other fields, such as health, sustainability, business, and education. Dr. Mejía studies and works with diverse design practices and approaches such as design research, service design, experience design, co-design, and design futures.



Luca Simeone is an Associate Professor at Aalborg University and has carried out research, teaching and consulting activities in various universities (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Milan Polytechnic, Malmö University, UAL), mostly exploring the managerial, strategic and organizational aspects of design. His latest edited book (Strategic Thinking, Design and the Theory of Change, Edward Elgar, 2023) is directly connected to the themes of this SIG. 



 October 11, 2023