Design Studies: Latest Volume, September 2018

Latest Contents of Design Studies

Volume 58, September 2018

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Design Studies is the Journal of the Design Research Society 


User requirements for analogical design support tools: Learning from practitioners of bio-inspired design

Gülşen Töre Yargın, Roxana Moroşanu Firth, Nathan Crilly

Pages 1-35,


The use and evolution of design methods in professional design practice

Jan Fredrik Schønheyder, Kjetil Nordby

Pages 36-62,


Principles of maker and DIY fabrication: Enabling design prototypes at low cost

Bradley Camburn, Kristin Wood

Pages 63-88,


Design heuristics set for X: A design aid for assistive product concept generation

Dongwook Hwang, Woojin Park

Pages 89-126,


Using linkography to compare creative methods for group ideation

G. Hatcher, W. Ion, R. Maclachlan, M. Marlow, B. Simpson, N. Wilson, A. Wodehouse

Pages 127-152,