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Design Studies: Latest Volume, May 2018

Design Studies: Latest Volume, May 2018

Design Studies Latest Contents

Volume 56, May 2018

Available online at:

Design Studies is the journal of the Design Research Society


This issue features a special section of papers originating from the DRS2016 conference, along with regular papers.

Regular Papers

Approaching the architectural native: a graphical transcription method to capture sketching and gesture activity

Martin Brösamle, Christoph Hölscher

Imagining design: Transitive and intransitive dimensions

Alfredo Jornet, Wolff-Michael Roth

Creative environments for design education and practice: A typology of creative spaces

Katja Thoring, Pieter Desmet, Petra Badke-Schaub

Developing theory-driven design research

Philip J. Cash


Special Section: DRS 50th Anniversary Conference (Part 2)

Rich pictures for stakeholder dialogue: A polyphonic picture book
Abigail C. Durrant, David S. Kirk, Wendy Moncur, Kathryn M. Orzech, Diego Trujillo Pisanty (open access)

Representational artefacts in social problem solving: A study from occupational rehabilitation
Richard Cooney, Nifeli Stewart, Tania Ivanka, Neal Haslem

Temporal Design: Rethinking time in design
Larissa Pschetz, Michelle Bastian

‘A dialogue between the real-world and the operational model’ – The realities of design in Bruce Archer’s 1968 doctoral thesis
Stephen Boyd Davis, Simone Gristwood

Schön's intellectual legacy: A citation analysis of DRS publications (2010–2016)
Jordan Beck, Laureline Chiapello