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Design Studies Latest Contents, Volume 74, May 2021

Design Studies Latest Contents

Volume 74, May 2021

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Design Studies is the journal of the Design Research Society



Problem framing and cognitive style: Impacts on design ideation perceptions
Eli M. Silk, Amy E. Rechkemmer, Shanna R. Daly, Kathryn W. Jablokow, Seda McKilligan

Design multiple: How different configurations of participation matter in design practice
Björn Fischer, Britt Östlund, Alexander Peine

Towards an integrative approach to researching design expertise
Stella Tan

Co-producing, curating and reconfiguring dwelling patterns: A design anthropological approach for sustainable dwelling futures in residential suburbs
Teresa Palmieri, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Oswald Devisch

Ethnography and exhibition design: Insights from the Moesgaard inaugural
Ton Otto, Jennifer Deger, George E. Marcus


Note: The last two papers form part of a Special Issue on Design Anthropology