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Design Studies Latest Contents, Volume 73, March 2021

Design Studies Latest Contents

Volume 73, March 2021

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Design Studies is the journal of the Design Research Society



Historicising design space: Uses of the past in participatory prefiguring of spatial development
Mela Zuljevic, Liesbeth Huybrechts

Decolonising design in peacebuilding contexts
M. Carolina Escobar-Tello, Krisna Ruette-Orihuela, Katherine V. Gough, Javier A. Fayad-Sierra, Irene Velez-Torres

Understanding representation: Contrasting gesture and sketching in design through dual-process theory
Philip Cash, Anja Maier

Design games as fieldwork: Re-visiting design games from a design anthropological perspective
Mette Gislev Kjaersgaard, Eva Knutz, Thomas Markussen

Interweaving vulnerability and everyday design: Encounters around an aquarium in a paediatric oncology ward
Piet Tutenel, Ann Heylighen


Note: The last two papers form part of a Special issue on Design Anthropology: