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Design Studies Latest Contents: Volume 72, January 2021

Design Studies Latest Contents

Volume 72, January 2021

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Design Studies is the journal of the Design Research Society



Acknowledgement of 2020 Referees

Parametric modeling tools in small architectural offices: Towards an adapted design process model
Adeline Stals, Sylvie Jancart, Catherine Elsen

Analysing frequent natural language expressions from design conversations
Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu, Timo Hartmann

Articulating care and responsibility in design: A study on the reasoning processes guiding health innovators' ‘care-making’ practices
Lysanne Rivard, Pascale Lehoux, Nicola Hagemeister

The life cycle of creative ideas: Towards a dual-process theory of ideation
Milene Gonçalves, Philip Cash

A cautionary tale about the impact of AI on human design teams
Guanglu Zhang, Ayush Raina, Jonathan Cagan, Christopher McComb