Design Studies: Latest Contents, November 2018

Design Studies

Contents of Volume 59, November 2018

Special Issue: Participatory Design

Edited by Rachael Luck


Design Studies is the Journal of the Design Research Society 


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Editorial: What is it that makes participation in design participatory design?

Rachael Luck


Participatory design for sustainable social change

Rachel Charlotte Smith, Ole Sejer Iversen


Examining situated design practices: Nurses' transformations towards genuine participation

Kija Lin Østergaard, Jesper Simonsen, Helena Karasti


Valuing implicit decision-making in participatory design: A relational approach in design with people with dementia

Niels Hendriks, Liesbeth Huybrechts, Karin Slegers, Andrea Wilkinson


Design project failures: Outcomes and gains of participation in design

Sofia Lundmark


‘Dismantle, change, build’: Designing abolition at the intersections of local, large-scale, and imagined infrastructures

Shana Agid


Speculative prototyping, frictions and counter-participation: A civic intervention with homeless individuals

Martín Tironi


Participatory design in architectural practice: Changing practices in future making in uncertain times

Rachael Luck