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Design Studies Latest Contents

Design Studies Latest Contents

Design Studies Latest Contents 

Volume 65, November 2019

Special Issue: Design as a Discipline, edited by Nigel Cross

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To mark the 40th Anniversary of the publication of Design Studies, the journal of the DRS, Nigel Cross has edited a special issue that returns to a topic that he introduced In the very first year of publication in 1979: the Discipline of Design. A number of leading contributors were invited to reflect on the past, present, and future of the discipline and this special issue is the result.

Editorial: Design as a discipline
Nigel Cross,

Design research – Its 50-year transformation
Rachel Cooper

Building a discipline: Indicators of expansion, integration and consolidation in design research across four decades
Bo T. Christensen, Linden J. Ball

Advancing an understanding of design cognition and design metacognition: Progress and prospects
Linden J. Ball, Bo T. Christensen

Co-evolution and emergence in design
Kees Dorst

Methodological diversity and theoretical integration: Research in design fixation as an example of fixation in research design?
Nathan Crilly

To empathise or not to empathise? Empathy and its limits in design
Ann Heylighen, Andy Dong

Design timelines: Concrete and sticky representations of design process expertise
Cynthia J. Atman

Design research, architectural research, architectural design research: An argument on disciplinarity and identity
Rachael Luck

You make it and you try it out: Seeds of design discipline futures
Peter Lloyd

 December 10, 2019