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Design Studies: Latest Volume, March 2018

Design Studies: Latest Volume, March 2018

Design Studies Latest Contents

Volume 55, March 2018 

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Design Studies is the journal of the Design Research Society

Special Issue: Design Processes in Service Innovation, Edited by Dirk Snelders and Fernando Secomandi

Editorial: Design processes in service innovation    
Fernando Secomandi, Dirk Snelders 

Staging aesthetic disruption through design methods for service innovation   
Katarina Wetter-Edman, Josina Vink, Johan Blomkvist 

Design, learning networks and service innovation
Lucila Carvalho, Peter Goodyear 

A sociotechnical framework for the design of collaborative services  
Joon Sang Baek, Sojung Kim, Yoonyee Pahk, Ezio Manzini 

Exploring the transformative impacts of service design: The role of designer–client relationships in the service development process    
Eun Yu, Daniela Sangiorgi 

Bringing Service Design to manufacturing companies: Integrating PSS and Service Design approaches  
Nina Costa, Lia Patrício, Nicola Morelli, Christopher L. Magee 

Towards a more inclusive service development process for the wider population     
Fábio Evangelista Santana, Carlos Coimbra Cardoso, Marcelo Gitirana Gomes Ferreira, Márcio Fontana Catapan, Ivo Rodrigues Montanha, Fernando Antônio Forcellini 

 March 05, 2018