Letters to the Future

20 Nov 2017 @ 6:00am GMT
23 Nov 2017 @ 7:00pm GMT

Letters to the Future


Anxiety, emergency and fear seem to be the driving forces of our time. Perhaps the changes around us are too rapid; the issues that envelope us are too vitiated to permit contemplation. To endow the passing moment with vividness and delight seems impossible.

How do we as artists and designers address these issues? How do we absorb the present, foresee the future, force the navigation, order the sequence, replace the predictable and drive the imagination?

Srishti asks you to dare and AFFORD:

  • Absorb Imagination for the future
  • Foresee order of Abundance
  • Force Resurgence of matter
  • Order possibilities of the Impossible
  • Replace Apprehension
  • Drive Ambition

Call for Papers

In accordance with the general theme “Letters to the Future” we would like to offer three tracks for the letters that can be submitted for this conference:

1. A Letter for Imagination and Abundance

I can afford to dream.

Papers should explore the themes of the power of imagination and sense of abundance as opposed to anxiety around the argument pertaining to sustainability and/or adversely proposed future scenarios.

2. A Letter for Resurgence and Impossible

I feel I can afford to relax.

Papers can explore/explain/discuss the power of resurgence, assuring a sense of impossible possibilities, as opposed to emergencies around the argument related to speed.

3. A Letter for Apprehension and Ambition

I feel I can afford to play.

Papers can deal with the power of ambition, the sense of winning over apprehension as opposed to fear and phobia around the argument related to wellbeing.


Following an interdisciplinary approach Srishti encourages exploration and experimentation in practice, teaching, research or academia. Therefore by saying “letters” we want to avoid framing the creative energy of participants and wish to let them do this choice. Thus each candidate can decide on the format that would reflect the content and transmit his/her idea in the most appropriate way.

Submission Process

Participants are encouraged to submit posters, full papers and work in other formats such as video or installation on the topics described above. Regardless of the chosen format, an abstract or concept note of 200 words should be sent to the organisers papers.cumulus@srishti.ac.in by the 20th of July 2017. In a structured way, it should summarize the background, objectives, significance, its relation to the defined tracks and briefly mention conclusions.

All candidates who will have submitted abstracts will receive a notification about the status of their application by the 20th of September 2017. Authors whose contributions will have been accepted, should proceed and submit full work by 20th of October 2017.


All abstracts will undergo a double blind review by an international team of peers.

Detailed guidance for submission of papers and work in other formats can be found here.

Submission Form can be found here: Letters to the Future_Submission_Form. 


Initial Submission Deadline: 20th of July 2017

Notification to the Authors: 20th of September 2017

Final Submission Deadline: 20th of October 2017


All accepted works will be gathered in a compilation with ISBN number and e-published.

Should you have any questions or doubts, please, contact organizers: papers.cumulus@srishti.ac.in

20 Nov 2017 @ 6:00am GMT
23 Nov 2017 @ 7:00pm GMT

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