LearnXdesign 2019 Call for Tracks

31 May 2018 (All Day)

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DRS Learn X Design 2019

“Insider Knowledge”


The theme for the DRS Learn X Design 2019 is “Insider Knowledge”. We would like to invite the design education research community to propose tracks for the conference. You may adopt topics from the list provided below or else bring your own suggestions.


Learning in situ: Factories, design offices, workshops, labs, nature. Benefits, challenges, and ways of integrating learning in situ into designers’ education. Learning at the work space; summer practices in factories and design offices; impact on curriculum. Onsite observations, field trips, field study.

Learning through collections: Museums, design museums, archives, special collections, exhibitions. Are they still valuable? Connecting generations and inspiring minds through collections. Approaches, methods, tool kits, assignments that facilitate engagement, reflection and creativity with reference to collections in design education.

Eyewitness to studio: The studio as the natural setting for design education. How does the studio operate? Learning from each other. Survival manuals. The disappearance of dedicated studio spaces. What is the studio for digital natives?


Hidden curriculum in design education: Values, norms, beliefs, implicit rules, customs and rituals. Geographical and institutional patterns. Changing écoles around the world, changes in écoles throughout history. Proficiency, skills, knowledge.

The “project”: The studio project as “the curriculum in a nutshell”. Projects and design briefs, what do they tell us about the design education we offer/receive? What happens while we are busy making projects? Problem-based learning.

Tutors and critiques: How do tutors facilitate, listen and intervene? Power relations, master- apprentice relationship, alternative models. Questions and challenges posed by mass education.

Teamwork: Dialogue, discussion, decision making, conflicts, crises, performance, evaluation. Consensus and dissensus. How can we get ready?

Digital pedagogy: Learning and teaching styles in design education under the pressure of the digital.

Methodologies for the design process: Ethnographic methods, observation, interviewing, online user-generated video analysis, role playing, scenario building, design inspired by nature, generative methods and tools.


Integrating collective practices into design education: Enabling citizen practitioners, citizen designers, co-design, facilitating encounters with stakeholders, democratisation of design.

Design for the other %90: Making the unfamiliar familiar, rethinking the familiar. Research for design insights. Designing for unfamiliar user groups, or unfamiliar social and cultural contexts, remote geographies.

Servicification as the new paradigm: The interplay between service design and product design, servicification of design and manufacturing. The new skill sets required for the servicification of design practices.

Transdisciplinary design: Blurring boundaries. Co-working, collaborating with other disciplines.



We recommend each track to be organised by at least two co-chairs. We encourage international collaborations, inter-institutional co-operations and gender balanced compositions for co-chairship. We believe that active academic involvement in the area of the proposed track such as publications, research projects, teaching practice, work experience, curatorial experience and editorial experience, would constitute an appropriate background for co-chairs.

For your track proposals, please use the template provided and send them to drslxd19@metu.edu.tr until 31 May 2018, Thursday.

The proposals will be reviewed by the Learn X Design 2019 Conference Committee, and the accepted track proposals will be announced on the 15th of June 2018, Friday.

31 May 2018 (All Day)

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