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CfP: The Bloomsbury Handbook of Service Design: Call for book chapter

05 Dec 2022 (All Day)

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Service Design: Call for book chapter

We are opening a call for contributions for a book chapter that will be part of a developing publication, The Bloomsbury Handbook of Service Design, co-edited by Daniela Sangiorgi, Lara Penin and Alison Prendiville. Drawing on a diverse community of service and design related thinkers and practitioners, the Handbook of Service Design is a timely and critical review of the themes and intersecting disciplines that are questioning and opening up the field towards plural perspectives, showing its complexity, exposing its challenges and offering practical examples and directions.

The provisional title for the chapter is Smart and always connected platforms and the prompt abstract is as follows:


Digital, mobile and smart infrastructures are influencing every aspect of our daily lives, including relationships, public spaces and decision making. In this complex space of ubiquitous connected technologies the nature of communities and individuals can be overshadowed by the determinants of big data and the drive for efficiency. In this chapter we explore the opportunities for Service Design to engage with big data to deliver smart and connected service platforms that enhance pluriversality and local community values

The book chapter will be part of a section on CONTEXTUALISING SERVICES, SYSTEMS AND CHANGE. This section gives a further layer to the development of Service Design research and practice, by contextualising services within the wider systems where they sit (Examples - city,  infrastructures- transportation digital services), and reflecting on the implications for designing and change. While building on existing research streams, these chapters advance knowledge looking at more recent conceptualisations and work.

We welcome contributions by multiple co-authors, including collaborations from different disciplinary backgrounds and geographic origins, but keeping up with a strong core in service design.

Send you proposal to: 

Deadline abstract submission: 5 December 2022

Deadline draft book chapter submission: 31st of January 2023

Deadline final book chapter submission: 31st of March 2023

05 Dec 2022 (All Day)

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