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CfP DUE : matterofType - 12th Typography Meeting

26 Sep 2022 (All Day)

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matterofType - 12th Typography Meeting

December 13-16 . FAL-UBI . Covilhã . Portugal

Deadline for abstract - September 26, 2022


The Typography Meeting is an annual international scientific event based in Portugal that gathers researchers, practitioners, pedagogues, students, and industry partners. It
 includes conferences by keynote speakers, peer-reviewed communications, workshops, and exhibitions. Our goal is to bring together leading individuals and projects in the Typographic panorama to: disseminate research and technical knowledge; foster learning,
 inspiration, and critical thinking; and contribute to the discussion and the development of ideas in Typography and Typeface Design.

The 12th edition of the Typography Meeting takes place this year in Covilhã, at the University of Beira Interior. It is organized by the Faculty of Arts and Letters and the Arts Research Group of LabCom - Communication and Arts.Matter, in its classical sense, is the amorphous mass from which our world gains physical existence. Typography began by giving shape to the matter wood and to the matter metal, the digital forms of today seem to have no matter, but nevertheless materialize our experience of the world. When we recover traditional typographic practices, bringing them to the present, when typographic forms and uses without physical existence are created and metamorphosed, and also when design and typography are configured in the articulation between what is tangible and digital, the word matter — in its diverse senses — opens spaces for questioning about contemporary typographic practices.

The meanings of matter thus allow us to think and question design and, particularly, typography from the following angles: Matter as an amorphous substance which once shaped by letters becomes intelligible and creates meanings. What constitutes this substance in typography? Additionally, its formless characteristic allows us to glimpse the myriad possibilities of form and malleability in line with the different media in which typography is present. Between analog and digital, physical and virtual space, and all possible combinations. Also, through the conception of matter as what is tangible — referring us to the physical world that simultaneously enables, organizes and conditions our personal and common experience — we can question ourselves about how typography assumes tangible properties. In this particular aspect, the matter of typographic context is relevant, i.e. it’s media. Finally, political, social, historical, cultural, environmental, project dimensions, and others that challenge the role of design, cross all those interrogations thus configuring the web of the matterofType.

26 Sep 2022 (All Day)

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  • Covilhã, Portugal