Call for Submissions: 1st International Workshop on Designerly HRI knowledge, Naples, Italy

10 Jul 2020 (All Day)

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In the past decade, the field of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has seen a steady growth of publications that put the design process of a robot at their focus. The majority of these publications introduces a novel robot platform and reports an empirical evaluation of it with the purpose of obtaining a generalizable understanding of the interaction between humans and robots. This approach is extremely relevant and necessary for furthering the HRI as a field. We consider, however, there is also a need for another type of designerly knowledge, which sits between the concreteness of robotic instances and the abstraction of theories—i.e., intermediate level knowledge. These include design methodologies, guidelines, heuristics, patterns, concepts, experiential qualities, and annotated portfolios. Although partial discussions about these forms of knowledge can already be found in the HRI, comprehensive investigations are still lacking. The workshop aims at creating a venue for discussing relevant forms of intermediate-level knowledge and understanding what might be their specific contribution in HRI. To this end, we strongly encourage submissions from researchers that work at the intersection of Human-Robot Interaction and Design Research.

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10 Jul 2020 (All Day)

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  • Naples, Italy