Call for papers: International Conference of Experience Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (XD2019GoldCoast), Gold Coast, Australia

03 May 2019 (All Day)

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The three-day conference brings together an international community of scholars and practitioners around the 2019 theme of “Exploring and Enhancing Experience” in relation to design, innovation and entrepreneurship in:

Architecture | Artificial Intelligence | Data Science | Information | Interaction | Brand | Business | Communication | Computing | Education | Engineering | Environment | Finance | Health | Media | Marketing | Management | Manufacturing | Policy | Product | Psychology | Robotics | Service | Sport | Space | Supply Chain | System |Technology | Tourism | Wearable.


We welcome any paper types including: conceptual, empirical, methodological, professional papers, as well as critical literature reviews and case studies. We are also open to any research approaches and contexts as far as the paper has a clear research question to address and reports results that can make some significant contribution relevant to the conference theme of "Exploring and Enhancing Experience".

You are invited to submit either a full paper (3,000–5,000 words excluding abstract and references) or a short paper (1,500–2,000 words excluding abstract and references).

A paper can have a sole author or multiple authors, yet each paper must have a different lead presenter at the conference.

All papers submitted to the XD2019GoldCoast Conference must be fully anonymous and have not been previously published.

The deadline for all submissions is Friday, May 3, 2019.


We welcome workshop proposals that are relevant to the conference theme of "Exploring and Enhancing Experience" and aim to deliver either a know-how workshop featuring progressive and pioneering industry skills and technologies or a creative workshop featuring innovative thinking processes, tools and techniques.

Each workshop will last 90 minutes.

You are invited to submit a workshop proposal (800–1,000 words excluding references).

A proposal can have a sole presenter or multiple presenters, yet each presenter must register to attend the conference.

Presenters of each workshop will be asked to provide a workshop results report summarising the general issues, topics, debates, slides and/or photographs of their workshop after the XD2019GoldCoast Conference has been completed.

The deadline for all submissions is Friday, May 3, 2019.

03 May 2019 (All Day)

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  • Gold Coast, Australia