Call for Abstracts: Special issue of Message journal, 'What are the politics of your design and what is the design of your politics?'

22 Mar 2019 (All Day)

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In this issue we aim to provoke a dialectic in order to question, interrogate and if possible, suggest alternatives to the raison d’être and practice of our discipline within broader social, economic and political contexts. We would like to challenge the fundamental role and agency of Graphic Communication Design by asking: 

  • How do (or indeed should) Graphic Communication Designers engage with and change the broader social, economic, and political circumstances?
  • address cultural colonisation, systemisation and appropriation?
  • counter misdirection and falsehoods through illuminating meaning, knowledge and facts?

 Abstract submission (300–500 words): 22 March 2019

22 Mar 2019 (All Day)

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