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2021 REDES Conference: Inclusive research cultures: How do we develop them?

14 Oct 2021
10:00am - 4:00pm BST

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 The 7th annual Researcher Education and Development Scholarship (REDS) online conference is now open for bookings.

The 2021 REDS conference asks:

How can personal and professional development for researchers impact upon change in research culture?

How do we develop and support agents and drivers of change across all the stages of a research career?

What role is played in change, by those working in the professional
development of researchers? How do we provide strategic support for the development of 'behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms' for researchers?

What lessons can be learnt from online working? Which approaches help to create more inclusive environments?


Keynote presentation - Innovation without limits: Imagining a possible
inclusive future for researchers Dr Jessica Gagnon, University of Strathclyde.

Conference presentations:

- A multi-dimensional fit informed framework to examine Research Culture
- Using Research Culture as an Opportunity for Alternative Approaches to Researcher Development
- From collective zine-making to community of practice: reclaiming research as a personal and emotional act for inclusive research cultures
- Putting the heart back into Higher Education: reconnecting and learning from HE Communities of Practice to facilitate hybrid ways of working
- Is there a power equilibrium in co-supervision? An exploratory qualitative study on Mozambican doctoral co-supervisors' experiences of intercultural collaborations
- Doctoral Supervision and Research Culture: how does one affect the other?
- Embracing 'otherness' through belonging: Experiences of engaging in a research project as female working class educators
- The Lost Voices': bringing inequalities in research cultures out of the dark
- Who is responsible for the atmosphere in the room?
- When supervisors speak: Developing supervisors with awareness, confidence and ability to drive inclusive cultures for postgraduate researchers.
- Change for the better': using a kaizen approach to drive change in
research culture
- (In)Visible: Reforming from hidden to visible members of the research community\0x202F
- Understanding doctoral agency manifest in personal, social, and
institutional spaces: An ecological approach
- Disrupting the Doctorate: Building a Postgraduate Research Culture
- Changing culture, changing roles? Investigating the broadening role of researcher development in shaping research culture and environment
- Researchers as active designers of research culture: moving to a
co-creation model for researcher development practices
- Researcher Developers as EDI agents of change: Reflecting on the
'Decolonising Researcher Training' Project
- The Power of Writing - an inclusive online community to foster supportive research environments

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14 Oct 2021
10:00am - 4:00pm BST

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