Design Studies Journal Award

The Design Studies Award is made annually, jointly by the Design Research Society and Elsevier Science, the publishers of Design Studies, for the best paper published in the journal that year. It comprises a certificate and a prize of £500.

The criteria for the Award, in order of priority, are:

  • contribution to the development of the field of design research
  • originality of research or scholarship
  • breadth of relevance
  • clarity and style of presentation.

Votes for the Award are cast by the journal Editors and Officers of the DRS.

nigel cross

Nigel Cross      Editor-in Chief  Design Studies

Winners of the Design Studies Award

The following individuals and papers have been winners of the annual Design Studies Award.

2016 Kim Kullman (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) 'Prototyping bodies: a post-phenomenology of wearable simulations'

2015 Joel Chan, Steven Dow and Christian Schunn (University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, USA) 'Do the best ideas (really) come from conceptually distant sources of inspiration?'

2014 Janet Kelly (University of Southern Denmark) and Ben Matthews (University of Queensland, Australia) ‘Displacing use: Exploring alternative relationships in a human-centred design process’

2013 Stefan Wiltschnig, Bo Christensen and Linden Ball (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Lancaster University, UK) 'Collaborative problem–solution co-evolution in creative design'

2012 Shraddha Sangelkar, Nicholas Cowen and Daniel McAdams (Texas A&M University, USA) 'User activity – product function association based design rules for universal products'

2011 Arlene Oak (University of Alberta, Canada) 'What can talk tell us about design?: Analysing conversation to understand practice'

2010 Mick Wallis, S. Popat, J. McKinney, J. Bryden, D. Hogg (Leeds University, UK) 'Embodied Conversations: performance and the design of a robotic dancing partner'

2009 Linden Ball (University of Lancaster, UK) and Bo Christensen (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) 'Analogical Reasoning and Mental Simulation in Design: two strategies linked to uncertainty resolution'

2008 Vasilije Kokotovich (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia) ‘Problem analysis and thinking tools: an empirical study of non-hierarchical mind mapping’

2007 John M Carroll and Mary Beth Rosson (Pennsylvania State University, USA) 'Participatory Design in Community Informatics'

2006 Johan Redström (Interactive Institute, Sweden) 'Towards User Design? On the shift from object to user as the subject of design'

2005 Andy Dong (Sydney University, Australia) ‘The Latent Semantic Approach to Studying Design Team Communication’

2004 Marian Petre (The Open University, UK) ‘How Expert Engineering Teams Use Disciplines of Innovation’

2003 Robin Adams, Jennifer Turns and Cynthia Atman (University of Washington, Seattle, USA) ‘Educating Effective Engineering Designers: the role of reflective practice’

2002 Rivka Oxman (Technion, Haifa, Israel) ‘The Thinking Eye: Visual re-cognition in design emergence

2001 Jerry Busby (Cranfield University, UK) ‘Error and Distributed Cognition in Design’

2000 Peter Jagodzinski, F. Reid, P. Culverhouse, R. Parsons, I. Phillips (University of Plymouth, UK) ‘A Study of Electronics Engineering Design Teams’

1999 Petra Badke-Schaub and Eckart Frankenberger (University of Bamberg and Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany) ‘Analysis of Design Projects’

1998 Rianne Valkenburg and Kees Dorst (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands) ‘The Reflective Practice of Design Teams’

1997 Lars-Erik Janlert and Erik Stolterman (Umeå University, Sweden) ‘The Character of Things’

1996 Terry Purcell and John Gero (Sydney University, Australia) ‘Design and Other Types of Fixation’

1995 Gabriela Goldschmidt (Technion, Haifa, Israel) ‘The Designer as a Team of One’

1994 Bill Hillier and Alan Penn (University College, London, UK) ‘Virtuous Circles, Building Sciences and the Science of Buildings: Using computers to integrate product and process in the built environment’

1993 Robin Roy (The Open University, UK) ‘Case Studies of Creativity in Innovative Product Development’

1992 Frances Downing (Texas A&M University, USA) ‘Conversations in Imagery’

1991 Richard Coyne and Adrian Snodgrass (Sydney University, Australia) ‘Is Designing Mysterious?’

1990 Stephen Little (Wollongong University, Australia) ‘Task Environment versus Institutional Environment: Understanding the context of design decision making’

1989 Jacob Burr and Myrup Andreason (Lyngby University, Denmark) ‘Design Models in Mechatronic Product Development’

1988 Donald Schön (MIT, USA) ‘Designing: Rules, types and worlds’

1987 Robert Davies and Reg Talbot (UMIST, UK) ‘Experiencing Ideas: Identity, insight and the imago’

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